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Juvenile Delinquency

Essex, Union, Hudson County Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

A juvenile crime conviction / adjudication of delinquency can have life-changing ramifications. Although these cases are not tried in the criminal court, they could prevent a convicted juvenile offender from obtaining a public or governmental job in the future. By minimizing the damages now, you can help build a brighter future. At the Newark, New Jersey, Law Offices of Kevin Crawford Orr, we can provide you and your family with the juvenile defense you deserve.





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The consequences that young people face in juvenile court are significantly less than what they would face in the criminal court, but that does not mean they don't have a large impact. Like any criminal charge, the consequences vary greatly depending on the crime, but with juvenile crimes there is a greater focus on providing young people with methods for correcting their behavior. In more serious cases, juveniles face "waiver" to an adult criminal court where they face adult consequences, including incareration for lengthy adult jail terms.

We will help your family explore all your available options. From probation to juvenile detention centers, we will work with the court to reach a resolution that helps the young person in question build towards their future. We provide juvenile defense for all crimes:

Crimes committed on school property carry even harsher penalties. Public schools have a zero-tolerance policy, so an equally aggressive defense can make all the difference.

Juvenile Defense in Family Court

All juvenile crimes are held in the family court of New Jersey, not the criminal court. The rules and regulations of the family court hold a different set of challenges and not all attorneys are willing to accept these additional responsibilities. In certain circumstance, a case may be tried in criminal courts. We will do everything we can to reduce the charges to the family court, but we are ready, willing, and able to defend your rights in both courts.

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The consequences of a juvenile crime conviction can change your life forever. Luckily, the juvenile court system was designed to give kids a second chance. At the Essex County Law Offices of Kevin Crawford Orr, we represent young people throughout Northern New Jersey. Contact us today for more information.

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