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Traffic Violations

Northern New Jersey Traffic Violation Lawyer

Have you been pulled over for speeding or another traffic violation in New Jersey? If so, you may have significant financial concerns. From the cost of your speeding ticket to the increased cost of insurance, we can help you fight your ticket and keep the points off of your record and eliminate surcharges. At the Essex County Law Offices of Kevin Crawford Orr, we take a proactive and aggressive approach to traffic violation defense.




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Points matter. If you have received a ticket for a traffic violation in a New Jersey muncipal court or in the Federal Central Violations' Bureau, you want to keep the points off your insurance record. By simply paying your traffic ticket, you are pleading guilty and subjecting yourself to an increase in insurance points. From moving offenses to driving with a suspended license, we can protect your rights for a variety of traffic violation offenses:

  • Speeding Ticket
  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Failure to Stop
  • Driving on Revoked License
  • Careless Driving

Why Fight Your Traffic Violation?

After receiving a speeding ticket, the easiest thing to do is pay the fine and move on. However, the initial fine may not be the only economic consequence you face. By paying your fine, you are subjecting yourself to insurance points, which will result in an increase in your car insurance rates. By fighting your traffic violation, you could be cleared of the initial fine and make sure no points are assessed to your record. An experienced litigation and traffic violation lawyer can help you understand your options.

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If you have received a traffic ticket, it is important to remember that you have options. If you fight your traffic violation in court, it could result in a favorable plea with no points or even a complete dismissal. At the Newark Law Offices of Kevin Crawford Orr, we can help. Contact Kevin C. Orr, Esq. today, for more information.

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